Safeguarding Success at Gladstone Port to Park Event

Gladstone, Queensland, comes alive annually with the Gladstone Ports Corporation’s Port to Park event, a vibrant celebration of active living. This walk/run event draws enthusiasts from all levels of fitness, transforming streets and parklands into a hub of wellness and community spirit.

Ensuring the safety and smooth flow of this event, our East Coast Traffic Control team enjoyed being involved orchestrating traffic and crowd management. This resulted in an atmosphere where safety reigns, families cheer unhindered, and the event’s essence flourishes. By seamlessly integrating traffic management, we contributed to the communal fabric of the event. This partnership exemplifies successful synergy, reflecting the event’s values of health, camaraderie, and community involvement.

In essence, East Coast Traffic Control’s contribution to the Port to Park event showcased our commitment to creating a secure and triumphant environment. With our adept planning and execution, we provided a pivotal service to participants, allowing them to relish the event and the beauty of Gladstone.


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