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At East Coast Traffic Control, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle any traffic control project, no matter the size or complexity. With experienced staff and a large fleet of vehicles, we can tackle any job efficiently and on budget. Plus, with depots across regional Queensland and New South Wales, we can be there when you need us.

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What sets East Coast Traffic Control apart is our commitment to customer service and our ability to handle any traffic control project, no matter the size or complexity. With a quick project response time, clear communication, and a strong focus on people, we strive to prove our dedication to excellence on every project. All our traffic controllers undergo accredited training and hold all necessary licenses and certifications, ensuring that we maintain a constant supply of skilled staff.

East Coast Traffic Control is a leading provider of professional traffic control solutions. With a wide range of services, including traffic management and traffic management plans, we support a variety of industries, including road construction, mining, rail works, council projects, and more. Our team of highly qualified traffic controllers, equipped with a large fleet of vehicles, is available 24/7 to fulfill all our clients’ needs.

Get in touch with East Coast Traffic Control today to experience the difference in our professional traffic management solutions. Contact us for a customized quote and start managing your traffic with confidence.

Find out what your Traffic Control requirements are for your next project.

Traffic Condition Requirements

  • Actual location may need an extra Traffic Controller. If it's a long way out of town, it is much easier to have an extra Traffic Controller than to try get someone extra out on site in a hurry.
  • This will determine what the Traffic Controllers will be required to do.
  • Depending on the actual duration of the job, volumes of traffic, and how long Traffic Controllers are expected to be on site, the following number of Traffic Controllers are suggested:

    • Straight Road Shoulder or Lane Closure: 2-3 Traffic Controllers
    • T Intersection: 3-4 Traffic Controllers
    • 4 Way or Roundabout: 4-5 Traffic Controllers

    Additional Traffic Controllers may be required for Side Roads / Streets near the work site.

  • Example: Hours, Days, Weeks, Months
  • Contact Details

Check Current Road Closure and Register Road Closures

Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices Supplement