Rockhampton Ring Road Project

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Construction for the first phase of the Rockhampton Ring Road, a significant infrastructure project with a budget of $1.065 billion, is scheduled to commence in late 2023. This initial phase encompasses location-based upgrades in both the north and south sections of the ring road, amounting to approximately $280 million. The completed Rockhampton Ring Road will span 17.4 kilometres, featuring 18 bridges and 14.7 kilometres of new alignment for the Bruce Highway to the west of Rockhampton. The construction of the first phase is projected to conclude during the 2025-26 financial year.

Once operational, the Rockhampton Ring Road will introduce several key benefits. It will establish a new crossing over the Fitzroy River, connecting Pink Lily and Kawana. Additionally, it will enable convenient access to West Rockhampton through Ridgelands Road, North Rockhampton via Alexandra Street, and the intersection of the Bruce Highway and Rockhampton-Yeppoon Road at Parkhurst.

The Rockhampton Ring Road is a joint endeavour between the Australian and Queensland Governments, who are both contributors to the Bruce Highway Upgrade Program (BHUP). The Australian Government has committed $852 million towards this infrastructure project.


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