Beware of Snakes During Hotter Months

Hitchhiker anyone?

One of our Traffic Controllers was recently surprised to notice – what looks like an Eastern Brown – very promptly making its way up and into his Ute after leaving the door open for just a moment whilst loading equipment into the rear tray. In hindsight he was very lucky he saw the snake and was able to encourage it to move on given the confined space and real danger this could have presented whilst driving.

As the summer months arrive, it is a stark reminder to be cautious about increased snake activity and potential encounters during the hot, dry season. Snakes rely on their surroundings to regulate their body temperature. When the weather turns hot and dry, they become more active, searching for shelter, food, and water. The combination of drought and rising temperatures prompts snakes to venture into unexpected areas.

Quick Tips: Invest in a snake bite kit. Keep your car doors closed. Look down and check your surroundings – be vigilant in areas where snakes may seek shelter. Watch for tall grass, debris, or gaps in structures. Learn about local snake species and their behaviour to make informed decisions. Contact Experts for Removal if you encounter a snake that needs relocating.


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