Charity Poker Run Unites for a Worthy Cause

Recently, Ashley Brisbin, the Rockhampton Area Manager of East Coast Traffic Control, enthusiastically participated in the Rockhampton Charity Poker Run organized by Insane Performance. This event brings together motor enthusiasts to support the Black Dog Institute while embarking on a thrilling multi-destination journey. Participants draw cards at each stop, creating a sense of camaraderie and community spirit.

The Charity Poker Run welcomes a diverse range of participants, including motorbike riders, 4WD enthusiasts, and car owners. This inclusive event unites individuals from various backgrounds who share a common passion for a meaningful cause.

Highlights of the event include the following destinations:

  • The Caves Country Pub: Participants kick-start the event by drawing their first card while enjoying refreshments provided at this location.
  • Railway Hotel Yeppoon: At this stop, players draw their second card, basking in the warm hospitality offered by the venue.
  • Pine Beach Hotel, Emu Park: Amidst picturesque surroundings, participants take a break for lunch and draw their third card, savouring the scenic beauty.
  • Kalka Palms Hotel: The fourth card is drawn at this stunning location, providing participants with breathtaking views and an unforgettable experience.
  • Bluebirds United Sports Club: The final destination marks the culmination of the Poker Run. Participants draw their last card while enjoying presentations and a guest speaker, all in support of the Black Dog Institute.
  • The Charity Poker Run embraces both car enthusiasts and those who are less familiar with the automotive world, creating a family-friendly environment. By supporting a cause that affects everyone, including the crucial work of the Black Dog Institute, this event fosters a sense of community and unity.

Combining the thrill of poker with the act of charitable giving, the Charity Poker Run unites motor enthusiasts in raising funds for the Black Dog Institute. With diverse participants and the active involvement of Ashley Brisbin, this event exemplifies the true spirit of community and support for a worthy cause.


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