Townsville Gears Up for Fire Season with Hazard Reduction Burn

Townsville Gears Up for Fire Season with Hazard Reduction Burn

The hazard reduction vegetation burn-off in the Blakeys Crossing area of Bohle, Townsville, conducted by Centrogen Vegetation Management during September is an important measure to prepare for the upcoming fire season. These controlled burns are aimed at reducing the intensity and severity of potential bushfires in the area. East Coast Traffic Control understands the importance of minimising risks throughout this process and wish to keep all locals informed.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Smoke Impact: Smoke from the hazard reduction burn may affect residents and visitors in the vicinity. It’s advisable for individuals to close windows and doors to minimize exposure to smoke. This is particularly important for those with respiratory conditions, who should keep their medications readily available.
  2. Road Safety: Smoke can reduce visibility on the roads, which can be dangerous for motorists. It’s essential to exercise caution and adapt your driving to the conditions, particularly if you find yourself in the affected area.
  3. Affected Areas: Smoke may be visible in and around several areas, including Mount Saint John, Bohle, Garbutt, and Townsville Airport. Residents and travellers in these regions should be aware of potential smoke-related issues.
  4. Fire Safety Reminder: This situation serves as a timely reminder for everyone to be vigilant about fire safety, especially as the hotter months approach. Ensure your property is well-prepared for the fire season, follow local guidelines and regulations, and stay informed about any updates or warnings related to fires in your area.


It’s crucial for the community to stay informed and take necessary precautions during hazard reduction burns and throughout the fire season to help protect lives and property.


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