Traffic Controller of the Year – Jean Ogden

Congratulations to Jean Ogden, our Traffic Controller of the Year! Jean has consistently performed at an outstanding level across a wide range of large and challenging projects with absolute professionalism. Our clients love her and so do we. With almost 12 years working with East Coast Traffic Control, Jean has a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience and is a great ambassador and supportive team member to her workmates, and for all women in construction.

Having previously worked as a nursing support worker within the Community Health sector, Jean chose Traffic Control because it offered her flexibility, and the outdoors with an opportunity to see different towns and regions, with a variety of work locations postings that provided exposure to a diverse range of industries that we support.

Jean attributes her longevity in her role with East Coast Traffic Control to a positive workplace culture, having respectful managers that have remained approachable and supportive. Also being valued as a key team member, and comradery with her fellow workmates has made for a healthy and enjoyable work environment in what can be a challenging industry. We look forward to many more great years ahead Jean and thank you for all the great work that you do.


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